Puerto De La Cruz

Puerto de la Cruz is another vibrant resort on the island of Tenerife. It is located in the northern part of it and is the main city for this zone. Puerto de la Cruz is a fairly popular place due to its amazing nature and stunningly beautiful places. For many years it was this city that remained the main resort of Tenerife, until the tourist center of Las Americas was equipped, but even today it occupies high positions in popularity.
The old part of the resort has a special appeal. The local streets are paved with stones, which is so reminiscent of ancient buildings, among which there are many restaurants and cafes where you can have a great time in a romantic setting!
Particular attention is drawn to the old seaport, which offers wonderful views. And the building itself amazes the imagination with its antiquity and attractiveness.
As a great alternative to the natural black sand beaches on the coast, the seaside pool complex “Lagos Martinez” has been built. This place is loved by tourists and has become one of the most popular attractions in the city.
Also in Puerto de la Cruz there are two beaches: Playa Martinez, a natural beach with black volcanic sand and Playa Jardín, artificially created by people, it is he who is popular with locals and tourists. It is covered with black volcanic sand, and a magnificent garden is located above it with terraces.
The most favorite place of tourists visiting Puerto de la Cruz is, of course, the famous Loro Park, where you can visit the show of parrots, dolphins, killer whales and see many different animals and plants. Also, the city has a unique botanical garden, founded in 1788 to acclimatize exotic plants and picturesque observation decks with stunning views.

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