How buy property?

Real estate in Tenerife, like all resort property in Spain, is in great demand today and is affordable in terms of prices and financing terms.

So that we can give you more qualified advice and more accurately select options for choosing future housing in the Canary Islands, first of all, you need to decide on the purpose of this investment. How will the acquired property be used – for personal residence and recreation, exclusively for renting out real estate in Tenerife, or do you need a mixed option – renting out during a free period from personal residence. It is also important to know your estimated purchase budget, whether you need a mortgage or not, and your wishes for the location of your future property. All this will help to quickly and efficiently select objects for viewing and shorten the checkout process. In order to initiate the purchase process, it is necessary to remove the object of your choice from sale by making a deposit, the size of which is negotiated with the selling party. Further, we are engaged in checking the legal purity of the future property, we help to open an account in your name at a local bank, where the remainder of the value of the acquired property and the amount required to pay taxes and registration costs should be received. Also, at the local commissariat, we request a foreigner identification number (N.I.E.) in your name, without which it is impossible to make a purchase of this kind. If you intend to purchase real estate in Tenerife without resorting to a mortgage, then the whole process of buying and selling may take no more than 2 weeks, depending on how quickly you can transfer the necessary funds to your account in a Spanish bank. If you need a mortgage, this process can take up to 2 months, depending on how quickly you prepare the necessary papers required by the creditor bank.

In order for us to be able to answer all your questions and assist in the search and purchase of real estate in the Canary Islands, you need to contact us in any convenient and accessible way for you – using our coordinates indicated in Contacts: call by phone, contact by Skype, VhatsApp, Viber, write a letter by E-mail or using the feedback system in the column “Questions to the manager”.

By investing free funds in the resort property of the special economic zone of Spain – on the Canary Islands, you diversify your capabilities and protect yourself from various financial and political risks!

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