How to rent

If you decide to rent a property in Tenerife, using the services of our company, you need to contact us in any convenient and accessible way for you specified in the Company’s Contacts: call by phone, contact via Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, write an email by E-mail or using the system feedback in the column “Questions to the manager”.

First of all, let us know the terms of the lease, state your wishes for prices, sizes and location of the rented property. If you are planning a trip during the “high” season, then it is advisable to book accommodation as early as possible, the closer the “hot” period, the more the choice becomes narrower. To reserve an object you like, you need to make an advance payment, the method of payment and the amount of which is negotiated. The rest is paid upon arrival. Upon check-in, as a rule, a refundable deposit is made for the safety of the rented housing, the amount of which is also negotiated.

We also organize airport transfers, help with car rental in Tenerife and offer excursions in Tenerife.

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