Playa Paraiso

Playa Paraiso is a small resort area in the southwest of Tenerife, near the town of Callao Salvaje.
The resort is located in a rather secluded place, at a distance of 12 km from the center of tourist life in the south of the island – Las Americas resort. The South Airport is 30 km away.

In terms of entertainment, Playa Paraiso can offer its guests several not very noisy nightclubs, evening entertainment programs in hotels and a spa center.
Fans of active and varied recreation will have to rent a car, in the presence of which all the interesting places in the south of Tenerife become accessible in a few minutes. The rocky coast is very picturesque, but not very suitable for swimming (although someone is attracted by swimming from the rocks), so tourists prefer to sunbathe or by the pools, or go to the beaches of Las Americas, which can be reached by a regular bus (30 minutes) or by car (15 minutes). The village has a small equipped sandy beach and a large public swimming pool with natural sea water.
Today Playa Paraiso is actively developing as an attractive tourist area.
In terms of investment potential, Playa Paraiso is ranked after Los Cristianos and slightly lower than the nearby resort of Calao Salvaje.
This rating is determined by the proximity to the most popular resort Las Americas, as well as recently built respectable residential complexes.

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