Los Gigantes

The western coast of the most popular of the Canary Islands, Tenerife, is somewhat different from its southern and northern coasts. Here you will not see comfortable sandy beaches stretching for kilometers along the sea – only rocky cliffs. However, it is the rocks that attract tourists here. And the most attractive town in this part of the island is Los Gigantes.

Here are the highest cliffs in all of Spain. At their eastern foot, about thirty kilometers from Playa de las Américas and Los Cristianos, there is a small resort town, which was named after the very rock – “The Rock of the Giants” (this is how the name Los Gigantes is translated from Spanish).

The beaches in Log Gigantes are quite peculiar – the unexpectedly black color of the sand attracts the eye … and at the same time thousands of tourists. By the way – it is believed that this volcanic sand has medicinal properties.

The silence and tranquility that distinguish Los Gigantes was appreciated by tourists from Great Britain, Germany and other countries: mainly a respectable European public comes here – it can even be called, to put it mildly, an expensive resort. Young people are unlikely to like it here – perhaps only those who do not like to have fun until they drop and “light up” until the morning, because there is simply no such kind of entertainment here. Probably the only event that is celebrated quite noisily is the annual carnival, which takes place in the city in February. However, the local club has a swimming pool, water slides, mini golf course, tennis court. If you wish, you can go on ocean fishing.

Apartments in Los Gigantes are selling well and have a fairly high rental potential comparable to Callao Salvaje.
Couples with children and pensioners come here on vacation.

The apartments are located on a hillside and almost all have wonderful ocean views.
Real estate here is mainly bought by the British, who prefer a calm and respectable vacation.

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