Los Cristianos

Los Cristianos was once a small, picturesque village on a deserted coastline with a small fishing port. Now, in this rather large and lively resort center, there is little reminiscent of its rural past, and from the port, instead of the antediluvian fishing boats, huge ferries leave for the neighboring islands.
The city owes its name to the fact that the locals decided to emphasize that Christians live here, and not some uncultured pagans.
Los Cristianos is located at the foot of the massive and long-extinct volcano Montaña de Guas. From the opposite side, it smoothly passes into another resort town, Playa de las Americas.
Although it would be more correct to say, throwing aside administrative conventions, that Los Cristianos is a continuation of Las Americas to the east. Los Cristianos, albeit quite small, is a city with a permanent population of about 20 thousand people. This is several times less than the number of visitors, but the proximity to local people living their own lives creates a special resort atmosphere, different from the neighboring tourist center Las Americas, which mainly consists of hotels, with a very small share of the residential sector.

The central, historical part of Los Cristianos is very compact, low-rise and densely built up: narrow streets, shops, restaurants, bars, offices, modest apartments, dull residential buildings. It is spacious and quiet here, and with the onset of darkness, life generally freezes. The main hotels of the resort are located on the eastern part.
Young people in Los Cristianos are naturally bored, but older and middle-aged tourists come here with pleasure. Many of them are in their own apartments. The infrastructure of the resort is very well adapted for the recreation of people with disabilities.

The investment attractiveness of Los Cristianosa is very high. Some real estate buyers are looking for properties here.
After all, this is a very cozy and calm town, but perhaps the best and most popular Las Vistas beach is located in Los Cristianose.

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